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All educators know that the atmosphere within a school contributes as much to the success of the student as the curriculum. More importantly, it has a great more bearing on whether or not a child develops a love for learning.

The challenge of creating a positive atmosphere transcends the debate of whether our schools need to become more goals oriented, and more accountable for their results. It is about making school a place where children feel challenged but competent, where they work hard but enjoy it, where achievement is the product but not the sole objective.

This is of course, an issue far too complex and a discussion much too robust for this space, however, schools open this week, and the temptation to at least say something is too great to pass up. The creation of a positive loving atmosphere is the joint responsibility of the professional and the parent communities.

There are  two points : The first is that while the responsibility to create a loving happy environment in school is that of the professionals, parents have a significant role to play.  The second is that making the school a happy place is as much as worthwhile pursuit as developing the school curriculum.

The creation of a positive loving atmosphere is the joint responsibility of the professional and the parent communities. It filters down from the top when the entire professional staff is on the same page philosophically, when the school's objectives and how to get there, are clearly understood and bought- into by everyone; when everyone feels that his contribution is essential.

We all agree that schools are asked to shoulder an ever increasing responsibility for the raising of our children. The expectations of a teacher half a century ago did not include the kinds of social and emotional development responsibilities we now expect. Nor was any school held accountable for a "child left behind". Teachers have never been better prepared professionally or more dedicated to the well being of the "whole child". Parents can contribute to the creation of a positive school atmosphere by showing teachers their appreciation for undertaking such a demanding job and for being totally dedicated to it. At Ilahia, making school an enjoyable place to inhabit and learning a fun thing to do is the a goal to which all of us are dedicated.


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